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Thank you for your interest in receiving a quote for a Palmetto Drum kit or snare. Because Palmetto Drums are truly custom made kits we don’t have set prices for each drum kit or individual drum. What we offer is an opportunity to build exactly what you want in a drum kit. Below is information about the size, shell, hardware and finish we need to provide a personalized quote for you.  Because of demand, please allow 5 – 7 days to receive your quote.  Minimum lead time is 8 weeks.  The quote is good for 30 days. Please make sure your e-mail is correct upon submission and please contact us if you do not hear back within 7 days.  Thank you for your interest!

Sizes of Drums

(diameter x depth) - We don't limit your choices in diameters or thickness - any standard width by custom depth is available.

Drum 1

Drum 2

Drum 3

Drum 4

Drum 5

Drum 6

Drum 7

Drum 8

Drum 9

Drum 10

Standard is 6 ply Maple snare & tom with 8 ply bass drum.

Standard is oval.

Standard is triple flanged hoop - stick saver style.

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