Who We Are

our_history_pic3A child born into the world can become many things in life – choices are as endless as the number of people in the world. We’re each different with each a special talent. For a child fascinated by drums it’s a constant rapping on all objects – alive or inanimate. Fred Wooten was NOT this typical drumming child. He’d always loved music and grew up in the 60’s when music was new and fresh. But he was in his twenties before he bought his first drum kit on a whim from the Bob McGuiness Music Store in Greenville. Bob McGuiness was located where Land Rover is currently – just a few miles from where Palmetto Music has been located now for thirteen years. A nine to five sales job lasted 20 years and then he discovered drums again when he was 37. Re-discovering drums led to gaining knowledge of the history of drums, ie., the companies, the making of different types of casings, woods used, styles, names, famous drummers, etc. Fred began to collect vintage drums and threw himself into learning everything concerning the construction of drums. He also started playing the drums in local clubs in and around Greenville. Within a few years he began making his own drums in a broken down barn on his property in Travelers Rest. Palmetto Drums were born.

100_14131994 brought the opening of a retail store named Palmetto Music on the intersection of Wade Hampton Blvd and Stone Ave. It would not only be a way to showcase Palmetto Drums but also sell other musical instruments and accessories. Fred, having been engrossed in drums, did not know a lot about guitars and amps but he learned the ropes by listening to people, asking advice, reading trade materials and by playing with other musicians. Fred became the one to go to for the vintage, used and odd musical equipment and gear.  After much discussion, we closed the retail store in 2013 to focus on further developing our drums.

Palmetto Drums are custom drums made to a customers specific requirements. Different size basses, toms, snares, heads, rims, tension casings, drum finishes and wood types are all considerations when designing a custom made kit. We offer types of woods from typical maple to exotic woods like zebra wood and orange Drum finishes can be stains, wraps or acrylic in colors that boggle the mind. All drums are hand rubbed and finished to a gloss or satin. No machines or mass produced techniques are used. And Fred still does everything himself.

We also offer new drums for the beginner to advanced like Ludwig, Gretsch, and Taye. New parts for repairs and vintage parts are here too! We can repair or restore drums and clean or replace the hardware.

A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.

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